Widescape Tie-Downs



Transport your WS250 safely with Widescape Tie-Downs. Developed in collaboration with Matrix, these 1.5-inch-wide straps made of durable materials with stainless steel eyelets ensure that your snowmobile is securely anchored during transport.


Widescape tie-downs offer a practical and effective solution for securing your WS250 during transport. Developed in collaboration with Matrix, these straps are designed to securely anchor your snowmobile, providing a reliable hold. With the swivel snap hook and rubber-coated hook, these straps are a reliable accessory for any WS250 owner looking for a secure way to transport their vehicle.


  • Rugged Camlock Buckle System: Rated at 1400 lbs, offering robust security.
  • Vinyl-coated “S” hooks: Rated at 2200 lbs, with coating to prevent scratching.
  • Swivel carabiner for flexibility and ease of use.
  • Holds up to 1200 lbs, ensuring a reliable hold during transport.
  • 1.5″ straps: Offer solid support with stainless steel eyelets for added durability.
  • Ski support block: Increase the stability of your snowmobile by using the support block in addition to the tie-down straps.


$71,99 CAD

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