WS250 Battery Quick Connector



Simplify battery management on your Widescape with the WS250 Battery Quick Connector. This accessory allows you to disconnect and remove the battery from the Ws250 quickly and easily, simplifying both charging and routine maintenance. Designed to improve the maintenance process of your Li-ion battery, the Quick Connector is also a must-have for removing and keeping your battery warm on long rides or cold winter nights.


The WS250 Battery Quick Connector is specifically designed to simplify the management of the WS250’s battery, whether for recharging or regular maintenance. Its reliability and ease of use aim to reduce the effort required to maintain the battery, enhancing your riding experience with a convenient solution.


  • Designed for easy removal and disconnection of the battery from the WS250. 
  • Makes the charging and maintenance process faster, saving time and effort. 
  • Fits perfectly to the WS250 while ensuring reliable performance for the life of the snowmobile. 
  • Intuitive and easy to use to make battery management accessible to all riders.


$69.99 CAD

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